Hand-knotted carpet "From the Landscape" Series

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Crafted from pure natural wool and dyed with organic dyes, the hand-knotted carpet From the Landscape Series symbolises the harmonious relationship between Mahmudova's artistic vision and the ancient techniques honed by generations of skilled artisans. The weavers translated Mahmudova's brushstrokes and vibrant hues into tangible patterns, echoing the multilayered complexity of the paintings from her Elisium series, 2015. These patterns resemble an eagle-eye view of the natural surroundings of Azerbaijan. Beyond its aesthetic allure, From the Landscape Series assumes a broader significance as a platform for social engagement and empowerment. By collaborating with local production and partnering with the women's community involved in carpet weaving, Aida Mahmudova addresses pressing social issues. Collaborative ethos enriches the creative process and underscores the resilience of female-driven creative energy. This project showcases dedication to community engagement and creative collaboration. The artist not only pays homage to the timeless art of carpet weaving but also charts a course toward a more inclusive artistic community.
200 cm x 134 cm
100% wool