Beyond Utility 2

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The ceramic series Beyond Utility, 2024, delves into a profound exploration of materiality and narrative, forging a dialogue between tradition and contemporaneity. Collaborating with local Azerbaijani artisans, who worked with locally self-sourced red clay, Mahmudova created a series of ceramic vessels - storage containers - that transcend their utilitarian origins to become objects of personal and cultural significance. Beyond Utility addresses the canonical forms of these vessels. Each object in this series, ranging in size between 45 cm to 68 cm in height, was elevated by the artist's application of glazes, gold lustre and photographic decals, contributing to the visual resonance. Drawing from an extensive photo archive, which reflects on the Azerbaijani landscape, the artist uses decals in order to depict personal narratives and memories.
44 cm x 28 cm
Ceramics, gold